Rhett Walker Headlines

Rhett Walker is coming to California this Christmas!

Run 2 Rescue is incredibly blessed to have Rhett Walker set to perform at our Benefit Concert, Red Carpet in a Barn, on Saturday, December 3rd, 2022!

Though Rhett is real and authentic, he is not immune to difficulties; his honesty and transparency is what makes him relatable to those who have been freed from the grip of darkness. Rhett Walker said when his single “Believer” was created it was,

"to combat the daily struggles and thoughts of 'I'm just not good enough…”

WOW! Those rescued out of sex trafficking, struggle everyday with these exact same thoughts; they believe that they are not good enough. They feel they will never be worthy.

Rhett goes on to say,

“that God paid the ultimate sacrifice by sending his Son to die on the cross so that our foundation can be freedom.”
When we accept what Christ did on the cross, then freedom comes. Freedom from those thoughts that lie and say we are not wanted. Freedom from those thoughts that say we can never measure up. Freedom comes from Jesus paying the ultimate price to let us know we are priceless. He set in motion a future that could never be imagined because Christ made us worthy. Rhett's song Believer says:
“I am a child of the Father - an orphan, no longer.”

Run 2 Rescue is in the business of seeing girls, who are caught in the bondage of sex-trafficking, set free. We want them to have a foundation of freedom. We want them to know that they are wanted and they are not who the world says they are. They are fearfully and wonderfully made, created to do extraordinary things.

“There’s just nothing we can do without grace; we’re all dirty, messed up people, but Christ still loves us,” said Rhett. “rejoice, because now we have a purpose on this earth”

Come out December 3rd, you don’t want to miss this incredible country music artist.

You can buy tickets to see Rhett Walker here.